Tennessee is a beautiful state. Most people who have moved to the area from out of state will tell you they love the four distinct seasons the most. By March though, we are all ready for sunshine and warmer days. 

In these last few weeks of winter, there’s a way to jumpstart spring! Get a house plant! Plants are a great way to brighten up a space and improve air quality! A cheap item paired with a cool pot making a big impact.

Here are a few great options!

Best House Plants


A Slithery Little Sneaky Snake Plant

Okay – just kidding! It’s actually just a Snake Plant and don’t let the name scare you. The thin upright leaves give this plant its name. It’s a cool looking plant that is low maintenance known for suriving droughts (aka not being watered for weeks because you forgot about it). It’s also said it has been shown to filter out chemicals improving air quality in your home.


ZZ Top Plant

Alright, again just kidding! A ZZ Plant! This plant is very popular in the interior design world and for good reason. With bright leaves, this plant adds some pop of color. It’s great for lower light environments too. And you only have to water this plant once a month. Great housewarming gift too – many cultures belive this plan symbolizes prosperity and friendship.

Aloe Plant

These plants may look mean but just beneath those spiky edges lies the cure to that sunburn you got out on Center Hill Lake over the weekend!

You’ve probably tried aloe lotion and gel but getting it straight from the plant is like a miracle!

Rubber Plant

So right off the bat – tolerant to some degree of neglect (phew!). Another trending plant in the design world that not only looks cool but removes carbon dioxide from your home. 

Fiddle Leaf

Native to the tropics, these plants do not grow much during the winter months indoors, but they are a great plant to have for the porch or patio when it is warm! If you’re looking for something that grows quickly during warmer weather and stays green year round, this is the best! Just make sure you have the space – they can get quite tall.

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