In the South, hosting is a form of art! From the fine silver to the absolutely fabulous 2 for 1 linen table napkins, hosting a holiday get-together can be a total event. Not to say it’s easy to pull off, but there is no better hostess than a southern hostess. If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year, here are a few Southern hosting tips!

Add festival touches.

Adding holiday décor can really create a festive environment. Dress it up! It doesn’t matter if that harvest centerpiece in the basement was bought 15 years ago; set it out!

Set up a separate kid’s table.

Real bonds are made and tall tales are told at the kid’s table!

Let guests go first in the buffet line.

It’s only proper! Many times, friends will join in on family holidays for a variety of reasons. Make them feel welcome by allowing them to go first! Don’t worry, you made extra sweet potato casserole…it will still be there by the time you get through the line!

Take the coats at the door.

Nobody has seen Aunt Tina since last Thanksgiving. Make way and take her coat at the door! She’s got places to go and people to see!

Clean as you go.

To avoid having instant regret about hosting as soon as you see the aftermath in the kitchen, clean as you go! Keep extra trash bags handy and rags in case there is a spill.

Avoid the turkey nap.

Games are always fun and keeps everyone moving after the 4th plate! If not everyone knows each other, games can also be a great icebreaker. Cornhole and horseshoes are always fun when the weather is nice!

Enjoy the holiday.

Black Friday sales may be starting on Thanksgiving Day, but opt out! Enjoy time with family and friends! (Not to mention, you can just browse sales on your phone while Uncle Billy is telling that funny story for the 4th time?)


Happy Thanksgiving from The Realty Firm! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends! We are so thankful for all of you!

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