The change of seasons always inspires new DIY projects or a change of décor in the home. Are you thinking about sprucing up a space with some fresh paint? Make sure you choose the right paint sheens!


For this space, use a high gloss or semi-gloss finish. This sheen is durable and easy to clean which makes it great for the kitchen! No more spaghetti stains next to the stove! This radiant sheen also resists mildew, moisture and wear.

Dining Room

When it comes to the dining room, use an eggshell finish. It is less durable but covers wall imperfections. Eggshell is washable sometimes even scrubbable making it ideal for spot cleaning.

Family Room

A satin finish is easily cleaned and can stand up to high traffic. This sheen creates a greater appearance of depth and resists stains better than a flat or matte sheen. Choose a neutral color to go with trendy, colorful décor or a bold color if your décor is neutral in color.


The high pigment wall coverage of a flat or matte finish allows you to save money in a low traffic area. No need to spend money on a glossy finish! This finish also reduces light glare creating an ambient atmosphere. Choose your favorite color to make the space truly yours.

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