Thinking about selling your home soon, but don’t know where to start on the project list? Home improvements can make a huge difference when it comes to selling.

Here are few small home improvement projects you can complete if you are getting ready to put your home on the market.  These upgrades will not only freshen up your look, but will ensure your home stands out from the rest:

Home improvement tips for selling your home:

Return Vent Cover:

If you have an eye sore, such as an exposed return vent, you can buy a “fancy vent” to upgrade your current vent cover.  This is an easy home improvement project! This might allow you to make it a statement piece instead of covering it up behind a piece of furniture.


This is paneling that typically lines the lower part of walls while adding a very clean and sharp look to the right room.  Wainscot paneling can be painted. In addition, trim work can even be added to “spruce” it up. Adding this paneling is not always the most affordable on the project list. However, if you have a plain wall, the additional texture and dimension can drastically improve an entire room.


Adding doors with a pop of color, and/or window panels is another small home improvement project, and can really positively impact a room.  I recommend this route if you have a room that needs to be “broken up”. It can also add just enough of the shabby chic look.  You can salvage doors from older homes or even go somewhere else to find a great deal.  These doors can be a fun project! Some doors look great “as is” or can be “dressed up” a bit with something like chalk paint to match whatever style.


As the weather is finally getting colder, these are a few impactful “inside projects” for the Winter. If you are thinking about getting your home ready for the Spring real estate market, call us.  Remember to establish a budget, shop the deals, and most importantly, call an agent at The Realty Firm once you’ve completed your projects. Call us before you start to asses your home’s market value.

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