Are you looking for a home in the Upper Cumberland? If so, you probably know by now it’s impossible to find the perfect house with absolutely everything you want. Most homeowners remodel spaces to create their dream home! And that’s how it should be!

Don’t be afraid of buying a home that isn’t exactly perfect. It’s easy to remodel any space! The Upper Cumberland is full of skilled and qualified contractors to turn your house into a home. So why are remodels the best decision? Let’s take a look.

It’s personal.

What’s better than designing and creating a space that you absolutely love? Don’t settle for a home with fixtures or materials you don’t like, remodel a home to your liking! If you can look past dingy carpet, old countertops and busted light fixtures, you can see the potential! It’s possible to change anything with a bit of creativity! What’s better than handpicking your favorite fixtures and materials?

Remodels are just like new.

There’s no need to buy a brand spanking new home that costs more. Renovating a space can take time, but you will never regret a well done remodel. You may have bought a 1950s home, but it won’t look like it was built 50+ years ago once you remodel!

Add value.

Not sure how long you will live in a home? Even better. Upgrading your home can add value. Not only will you live in a beautiful home, but you will also make some money when it is time to sell! Most people prefer a renovated home; they just don’t want to do the work themselves. Don’t you want to make money when it’s time to sell?

You can save money.

Upgrade your home with energy efficient features. Yes, older homes may be a little drafty but replacing the windows and adding insulation will take care of that. By purchasing a home for less, you have room in your budget for projects like this!

Older homes are the best.

Have you ever seen the interior of an older home? Thick trim, old doors, original hardwood with a few tales…what an absolute dream! Instead of paying to have your home look that way, embrace the original character of an older home! Freshen up the trim, repaint the walls and you’re good to go! No need to salvage vintage doors to add character; it’s already there!

Are you ready to find the (almost) perfect home? Allow us to find perfect homes to remodel at the right price! Call us at 931.520.7750.

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